AFL Data

I sometimes find myself looking for a unique bit of AFLW or AFLM data, and if I do manage to get it, I figure that it may be of some use or interest to others. Where possible, I am intending to upload any data of interest that I acquire to my AFL Data GitHub repository, if it does not appear to be available elsewhere. This page exists to point website users in that direction and offer a brief outline of what is available there.

Got a suggestion or request for AFL data published somewhere online that you’d like to see available in a csv? Email me.

There is currently only one resource available in the repository. More are planned.

Public Tips

The Public Tips folder contains datasets scrapped from public tipping competitions of past and current AFLW and AFLM seasons. A detailed explanation of these datasets is available on GitHub.

Public tips data is currently available for:

  • AFLM 2022 season
  • AFLW 2022B season

Feedback, corrections, coding tips, questions and suggestions are always welcome.

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